The Goal – To start a business I would ENJOY, allow me to travel, have FUN, and work with interesting people. After years of working with the public and running a variety of activities, I decided to develop a new type Travel Business.

The Difference – When we started in 1991, there were not many complete vacation packages for sale. We were one of the first to package the transportation, lodging, tickets, excursions, etc. for one price that included everything. This set us apart from most travel agents and helped us build a strong client base.

The Challenge was to remind everyone to have FUN. As we get older, life gets VERY busy and daily demands seem to push Fun and Travel to the back of our priority lists (especially during the recession). Life is short and goes by fast. If you ask people about their fondest memories, they will normally list a vacation story – right after the day they got married or the birth of a child. We suggest careful planning and even creating a budget for annual vacations. TRAVEL provides people with something to look forward to and memories that cannot be taken away! Exciting destinations around the world offer something for everyone. Today, more people are traveling than ever before.

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Customers – We decided to divide our customer base into five areas – offering something for everyone.

1 – GROUPS – Many established groups already exist; Churches, Schools, Teams, Clubs & Organizations. We are proud to say that we have successfully worked with many local groups over the past 20 years.

2 -SINGLES – Most Singles are looking for other individuals with similar interests. We have had many people meet on out trips over the years. Some have even gone on to get married and start families. Our Scheduled trips are always based on double occupancy. We can try to help people find roommates and also offer a single rate for every trip. The difference is in the room cost – one person or two people per room.

3 – COUPLES – We have sold many Honeymoon packages over the years and are always happy to help when planning a Special Occasion or Anniversary surprise.

4 – FAMILIES – We get lots of requests to help plan ideas for family trips or reunions. We can help save money and keep costs down by using our travel contacts for individual bookings throughout the year.

5 – AZ COMPANIES – Many companies want to provide travel opportunities to their employees. We have worked with some of Arizona’s biggest companies and HR departments over the past 20 years. Some businesses have designated Employee Clubs, others promote savings via bulletin boards and their in-house intranet. We also help smaller businesses build simple (basic) company trips and some FUN incentive programs over the years. A Happy Employee is a more Productive Employee.

With most businesses downsizing, Employee Clubs are very rare anymore. Many companies are now looking for new ways to offer employees special discounts on activities and programs. Our new FUN PARTNERS idea will make this easier than ever before and continue to grow over the next few years. If your company would be interested in offering special Travel & Fun activities to your employees, PLEASE set up meeting with Mike for more information.

Why Us We have over 20 years of building and running successful trips and programs. We have worked with most of the larger AZ Companies, Groups, Clubs, Schools & Churches in the valley. Most trips are set for 40-80 participants, but we have had over 800 people on trips (Arizona Days Ski Trip) before. We work well with providers to get the best value for the dollar, and then pass that on to the customer. We understand the importance of keeping a happy customer. Today many people like to search the internet for their travel. This does NOT guarantee the best cost/value. Like any other industry, we buy in volume so our pricing is generally better. We pass these savings on to our customers. We like to say … It’s worth a phone call.

Simple Rules for Best Results
DEPOSIT & RESERVATION will hold your space on a scheduled trip. BALANCES are normally due 45-60 days out. This can vary from trip to trip, depending on providers. CANCELATIONS – ALL monies are non-refundable. Name changes are allowed for a nominal fee, but it is up to the customer to find a replacement. JERKS – You know who you are – please call my competitor and go with them. PATIENCE – Sometimes, it takes a day or two to research and find you the best price, answer a question or save you money. We work hard to help and have an excellent reputation. We want you for a customer. Please understand that sometimes answers take time.

Scheduled Trips are planned trips with specific dates that (usually) include transportation, lodging, transfers, tickets and activity or excursion discounts. Space is limited on these programs and numbers can vary from trip to trip. These trips usually will be the Best Value because of us purchasing in groups.

Individual Bookings are normally used by those customers that cannot join us on our Scheduled Trips or prefer different dates of travel. These bookings increase every year as the word gets out that customers can take advantage of our buying power.

Updated Company Name – We have changed our name to AZ FUN & Leisure. This new name is designed to helps us introduce a new division of Leisure activities and programs for our customers. We expect this to really grow and be popular (especially with Business customers) over the next two years. Learn more about our history here.

New Spokesperson – PLEASE meet KaaBoo – “The Ancient God of Fun & Travel”. He has a very interesting background and has agreed to help keep customers informed of Upcoming Trips and new Leisure programs. He will have a monthly blog/newsletter, so make sure to sign-up for his latest information.

Fun Partners – Our new division that will off Leisure activities and discounts to our loyal customers. This will take a while to grow – Please be patient. Special offers will be promoted on the website with user- friendly links. KaaBoo will keep everyone up to date with new offers via his newsletter.


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