KaaBoo – Ancient God of FUN & Travel

The ancient Mayans seem to be predicting that the earth will end in 2012. At least that’s what one of their stone calendars seems to indicate. All of their regular calendars were based on a 52 year cycle rather than our foundation of 12 months. They chose 52 year cycles because that was the life expectancy at the time. Their Long Count Calendar is based on 52 of these lifetimes and each one is referred to as a “Haab or Kaab” and it is this document that is causing such alarm.Although this historical relic has been eerily accurate, some among us have refused to sit idly by and assume a wait-and-see-attitude. One of these is Mike Clark. Mike is an intrepid explorer, worldwide traveler and adventurer extraordinaire. He also has an insatiable thirst for the mythical. During his travels and research into the truth about the 2012 Doomsday Theory, Mike himself unearthed an absolutely astounding relic that casts an amazing shadow on the 2012 prediction.

While on an expedition deep into Mexico, Mike was lucky enough to be invited to participate in a very hush-hush dig in a remote area of the Yucatan – the area where the Long Count Calendar was first discovered. In helping to clear an area, the earth gave way beneath Mike’s feet and he fell into a shallow well. Unhurt, Mike looked around and noticed a small alcove in the roughly hewn walls of the octagonal chamber. He reached in and extracted an irregularly shaped chunk of rock that included the visage of a long and tall statuette. Clambering from the vault, he presented it to the excavation’s leader. The scholar almost immediately blanched stark white.

What Mike had discovered was the missing link from the giant stone tablet that makes up the Long Count Calendar. What experts had long thought simply to be a chip out of the stone register, had apparently been very purposely chiseled out. The object Mike Clark had found signaled “the beginning” rather than the end. it also added a syllable to “Kaab” and gave birth to the Ancient Mayan’s newest god, KaaBoo…. the God of Fun and Pleasure.
As it is with most mythical gods, KaaBoo has a defined personality and his is one that makes him unique among the other Mayan deities. Unlike most divinities, KaaBoo is rift with flaws and considerably more humanlike than his better known counterparts. KaaBoo has been known to drink a bit too much and to party long into the night. He fancies himself as quite the conversationalist, an easy conquest and a remarkable dancer; getting better as the night progresses. There are times when he seems immune to the demands for sleep and yet, at other times, we can find him zonked out at the bar or on the sand down at the beach. When he wakes, he’s also been known to have a very limited memory of the previous night’s proceedings.

He’s the center of attention wherever he appears and is frequently the life of the party. He’s essentially equivalent to Bacchus, the Greek god of wine and hedonistic pursuits but has also been likened to Bast, the Egyptian goddess of sensual pleasure. KaaBoo always seems to know where it’s happening, has an insatiable curiosity and responds to almost any sort of dare. With all of his flaws, he is ALWAYS fair, honest, there to help a friend in need. He was known to work extremely hard to help others enjoy life – in various ways. As we found in our research, KaaBoo is a god with whom all of us can easily identify.

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