Presidents Weekend 2018

Presidents weekend in TELLURIDE is the 2nd most popular ski weekend – just behind the Christmas-New Year holiday week.

We were unable to get a block of better lodging for this time period.  The price was just too expensive compared to our regular packages.

Lodging companies are holding out for MUCH higher rates and planning and longer stays.

There are still various units available in Telluride for this holiday weekend – just not enough together for us to run a full motor coach.

IF you are willing to drive yourself – we would be HAPPY to HELP you with lodging and lift tickets – which should still SAVE you MONEY!

PLEASE fill out info below and we can see what is available and what our (discounted/wholesale) rates would be.

We offer 2 or 3 days lift tickets. We found that some of our customers prefer to shop, relax or explore Telluride on the final day of the trip. Others MUST get as many turns as possible – Your choice.

We also offer a non-skier package for those customers that don’t ski and still want to enjoy TRide and all it has to offer.

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